(Folding) carton packaging

Cardboard printing in offset, digital printing, possibly with a protective UV coating, punching, folding and gluing into a cardboard box or other type of packaging. (Folding) carton is versatile and easy and quick to process. Moreover, it offers a variety of possibilities and is an environmentally-friendly packaging solution as well. 

The possibilities and applications for folding carton packaging materials are numerous.
Examples at De Budelse include:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging (GMP).
  • Food-safe packaging (BRC).
  • Packaging made from agricultural waste (agri-waste).
  • Eco-friendly produced products with FSC certificate.
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes, trays, sleeves and other packaging.
  • Biodegradable and compostable packaging materials.
  • Luxury cosmetic packaging finished with a glossy UV coating.

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