Instructions for use (IFU)

Leaflets, instructions for use (i.e. IFU’s), come in many shapes and sizes. They vary from a wafer-thin and miniscule folded sheet of paper to entire booklets. 

All healthcare leaflets and instructions must be produced in accordance with GMP guidelines. Would you prefer to not use a loose leaflet? Then you can opt for gluing the leaflet inside the box  or to have the text printed on the inside of a package.

In short, envisioning solutions and creating opportunities together is:

  • Having your pharmaceutical packaging produced in accordance with GMP guidelines.
  • Providing a clearly legible print, also in Braille.
  • Opting for speed and cost savings with all production processes under one roof.
  • The option of having the leaflet glued inside a box.
  • Bar and QR code scanning within the context of serialisation.
  • Keeping track of your product through traceability.
  • Opting for difficult to open, child resistant packaging.