Meet De Budelse

What started in 1950 as  “Boek- en handelsdrukkerij BENELUX”, small-scale printers of, among other things, two local weekly magazines, has since become a leading packaging and printing specialist within and far beyond the Netherlands. If you are looking for a constructive and engaging partner, De Budelse is the one to contact. Always considering all the options and greatly contributing through creative and innovative solutions.

Quality, innovation and flexibility are of paramount importance at De Budelse. Always has been. In the previous century, the general policy was focused on the increase of added value by replacing obsolete production materials, automating administrative processes and training staff.

And still, De Budelse actively propagates those three core values today. This is evident from the way in which agreements and guidelines are adhered to, the continuously innovative products, materials and options and the efficient and flexible stock control. As a result, printed matter retains its communicative power, waste is reduced and costs remain low.

Everything under one roof

De Budelse offers another big advantage: the entire production process of cardboard packaging takes place under one roof. From digital printing and offset printing to UV coating, and from punching, folding and gluing the cardboard boxes to placing Braille and gluing the leaflets inside those same boxes. 

The entire chain is set to the efficient and fast processing of the many and diverse types of customised packaging, varying in volume and size. The application of different printing techniques, the well-organised internal logistics and the far-reaching automation at De Budelse contribute to a smart and always accurate stock control. 

GMP for healthcare

This healthcare quality assurance ensures that each individual pharmaceutical packaging meets the strict requirements. Guaranteed. The process management and hygiene regulations are strictly adhered to, serialisation is ensured and the leaflets are checked. 

BRC for food safety

De Budelse packaging & print is BRC certified. This means that both the packaging process and the packaging intended for the food industry comply with international standards. This is implemented in the entire chain: all ink types, coatings and glues, lubricants and polishes carry a food-safe label and are free of mineral oils.

Small print runs

Smaller and appropriate print runs reduce stocks in the chain and prevent wastage. In preparation of efficient stock control, interacting processes, print runs and volumes are optimally coordinated. The ultimate result being more flexibility in print runs, reduced stocks and an increased efficiency due to less waste and lower costs. 

Just in time

By carefully coordinating production and delivery, stocks are reduced. In collaboration with the customer, De Budelse invests in online links that lead to efficient stock control and an effective just-in-time process. Are you unexpectedly and urgently in need of additional packing materials? One phone call and it will be taken care of. That’s how fast and easy it is.  

In short, envisioning solutions and creating opportunities together is:

  • Opting for speed and cost savings with all production processes under one roof.
  • Maintaining your communicative powers through printed matter that is always up-to-date.
  • Guaranteed quality with regard to pharmaceutical and food-safe packaging.
  • Flexible and effective stock control through efficient print runs. 
  • Managing your stock accurately and just in time using linked ERP and other ICT packages.
  • De Budelse graphic and technical designers participating in the design process.
  • Reducing waste and costs through smaller stocks.