De Budelse always manufactures cardboard packaging for the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, i.e. GMP guidelines. The production process and quality management are laid down in detail in accordance with these strict regulations for healthcare. De Budelse and healthcare go perfectly together.
We also produce medical manuals and pharma leaflets (instructions for use).

All operations for the production of medical and pharmaceutical cardboard packaging take place under one roof. We also produce the information leaflet (instructions for use) which you desire, so that a folding cardboard is complete.

De Budelse does this with the most care, because we are well aware of the risks when producing for medical and pharmaceutical industries. We take great care of:

  • Machines and facilities, so that they can be used reliably and efficiently.
  • Our quality system and the required certificates that we keep up-to-date so that we continue to meet the highest standards.
  • The materials we use and the knowledge about them.
  • Last but not least, our people who, thanks to their experience and continuous training, can deliver the required quality and who are always thinking forward.

‘Good Manufacturing Practice” is the standard that we impose on ourselves and against which our customers test us. For De Budelse and our customers, this is a quality trademark that ensures that each product meets the set requirements. Guaranteed!

We have been producing for the largest pharmaceutical and medical players in the Benelux for decades. Our experience has taught us that in this rapidly changing world, short runs and short delivery times can lead to gigantic advantages.

De Budelse is for example preferred supplier of MSD Nederland and Boston Scientific.