Food-safe packaging

De Budelse packaging & print is BRC certified. This means that both the packaging process and the packaging intended for the food industry comply with international standards. This is implemented in the entire chain: all ink types, coatings and glues, lubricants and polishes carry a food-safe label and are free of mineral oils.

In addition, food-safe packaging is produced from (environmentally-friendly and/or biologically sustainable) cardboard types that are composed of virgin fibres. The cardboard therefore remains free of mineral oils during the production process. Recycled cardboard often contains undesirable components for food packaging which is why De Budelse only uses “clean” cardboard types for the food industry.

Environmentally-friendly packaging materials

If you prefer sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging materials, there are several options to choose from at De Budelse:

  • Agri-waste packaging materials.
  • Types of paper and cardboard bearing the FSC trademark.
  • Recycled or recyclable materials.
  • Biodegradable and compostable folding carton.