Braille on healthcare packaging

Braille on packaging: down to the last detail at De Budelse

Manufacturers of medicines are legally obliged to have the name of the medicine printed in Braille on the packaging. De Budelse is increasingly producing packaging for healthcare customers, so we are constantly working internally to improve this part of the process. With the investment of two new machines, we dare to say: De Budelse has mastered the application of Braille on packaging for medicines down to the last detail.  

Processes with risks 

How De Budelse applies Braille to packaging has evolved considerably in recent years. A few years ago, we used a combination of a punching machine and a set of dies.

Traditionally, we provided a multitude of packaging with the correct Braille script at the same time. This process was not without risks. There was a chance of error with every package.

We are continuously working internally to improve the process.

New machines

As a successor, we use a folding/glueing machine that can also apply Braille. With this machine, two rollers – with a Braille tape in between – are interlocked. We store the used Braille tapes in the warehouse. Wear and tear or incorrectly stored Braille tape increases the risk of errors, and we obviously don’t want that.

We recently acquired a machine to produce the Braille tapes ourselves. We now use a new tape for every print run, and we recycle the old ones.

Error reduction down to zero

De Budelse has also invested in a new folding/glueing machine that can apply Braille to a box in two places simultaneously. With one machine, we reduce the chance of error; with the other, we increase efficiency. Whichever machine we use: we always check whether the Braille is correct with Eye-C. This way, we reduce the risk of incorrect Braille writing to zero.