What customers say: Ecobliss

What customers say: Ecobliss, market leader in pharmaceutical and retail packaging

Ecobliss is the inventor of the environmentally-friendly cold seal packaging technology and Locked4Kids, the patented and certified childproof solution. The company has set up separate divisions for pharmaceutical and retail packaging. With regard to the pharmaceutical wallet packaging for blister strips and the Locked4Kids packaging, Ecobliss collaborates with De Budelse and KDS Stansvormen in Weert.

According to Commercial Director and co-owner Marijn van Utteren, Ecobliss began as a small home printing company. After inventing the technology for the environmentally-friendly cold seal packaging, the company from the Limburg town of Echt grew substantially. ‘In order to meet the rising demand for pharmaceutical packaging, we sought to expand the supply chain,’ is how Marijn van Utteren starts his story. ‘Via our supplier KDS Stansvormen we came into contact with De Budelse. Both companies had already established a satisfactory collaboration.’ 

🔺 Commercial director and co-owner Marijn van Utteren. 

Blister strips with cardboard packaging

Most Ecobliss customers opt for the sustainable and handy blister strips. ‘These strips come in a special cardboard packaging,’ continues Marijn van Utteren. ‘This type of packaging is important for two reasons. Firstly, it protects the blister strips and, secondly, it displays additional information concerning the medication. We engage the services of De Budelse for the printing of this packaging.’ ’ 

Childproof packaging

Furthermore, Ecobliss developed the unique childproof packaging Locked4Kids. Children will not succeed in opening this packaging. Adults, however, can easily do it. An ideal solution if the medication to be taken could prove hazardous to children. ‘The Locked4Kids boxes contain a plastic tray in which the blister strips are secured,’ explains Marijn van Utteren. ‘As a user, you must pull this tray outwards, as you would a drawer. To achieve this, you have to simultaneously press the two pressure points. Children do not understand how this way of opening a box works.’   

the box contains two pressure points, which must be pressed simultaneously, children do not understand how this opening works

A solution for each packaging job

Ecobliss handles the packing processes of a large number of clients and successfully so. In view of size, these companies vary from small to large pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In addition, Ecobliss GMP is certified where the packing of medicines is concerned. The company makes unique products, both with a cold seal or according to the Locked4Kids system. ‘For many pharmaceutical companies we have become a valuable supplier,’ concludes Marijn van Utteren. ‘After all, we don’t just supply the materials and required packing machines. We also offer clients the option of handling their packing activities for them. In other words, materials printed by De Budelse literally travel all over the world.’ 

Good coordination and collaboration

Marijn van Utteren is very pleased with the collaboration with De Budelse, which has only become closer since their first contact in 2019. ‘Ecobliss and De Budelse are medium-sized companies that consider quality of the utmost importance. On that basis we selected De Budelse. Moreover, it’s great to have De Budelse nearby as both a supplier and sparring partner. It also makes coordinating matters quite pleasant. Important fact: De Budelse has a “put your shoulder to the wheel and do what needs to be done” mentality, as does Ecobliss. This creates a great mutual bond as well.’ 

🔺 One of many examples of “cold seal” packaging.