PaperWise; cardboard from agricultural waste

♻️ De Budelse and sustainability: a successful one-two punch

Sustainability is high on the social agenda. A growing number of companies are introducing more nuance to this important theme. De Budelse also aims to take into account the environment and future generations. Sustainability is therefore not only firmly embedded in our business processes. We also have an eye for people and the environment when choosing raw materials and suppliers.

The question is: how sustainable is De Budelse? High time to take a closer look at sustainability from 3 perspectives. 

Wise with waste 

In terms of packaging, De Budelse uses various environmentally friendly types of cardboard. A good example of such a sustainable choice is PaperWise. The motto of this cardboard is ‘wise with waste’. In the eyes of the producer, nature has no waste. Certainly not in the agricultural cycle. After harvesting, stalks and leaves remain. PaperWise breathes second life into this agricultural waste. This is how the company manages to make printing and packaging more sustainable. After all, the production of this wood-free paper prevents unnecessary CO² emissions. 

Low environmental impact

With this approach, PaperWise actively contributes to greater social awareness in companies. De Budelse is drawn to the PaperWise mission and vision. Using these environmentally friendly types of paper and cardboard means we can substantiate our environmental objectives and contribute to a positive corporate image. The environmental impact of Paperwise is much lower than traditional paper from trees (47%) and recycled paper (29%). In short, we contribute to a more pleasant, cleaner world together with PaperWise.